October 27th, 2015

My very own personal opinion is that this column is “right-ON”………and so but of course I am desperately hoping that many, many, many others have this very same opinion.



September 24th, 2015

We have got us a real problem….and not just any old problem needing a little fixing, but a HUGE problem…..and also, when I say “we”, I mean the biggest “we” of’em all, like the “we of the whole dang world”……and for sure there’s no way of fixing it to everyone’s satisfaction (this happens to be the case with most problems, but then that’s a subject for a later rant of mine).

This HUGE problem is “refugees”.  There are now so many of’em…..refugees…the  “why for” of so many of’em is another subject for a later rant of mine…..that any reasonable control or documentation of them is practically impossible.    Europe currently has the  most obvious, and perhaps the biggest, refugee problem, but then the the US….thanks to our current crop of politicians who are most likely to set refugee policy….is likely to have what will eventually turn out to be even more and/or even bigger problems…certainly in my own opinion, and apparently along with the opinion of some others.

By “some others” I mean the authors of the columns to be found here and, I’d hoped to say ‘here” again, but could no longer link to the simply great column (The Migrants and the Elites) by Peggy Noonan that I first got for free on the DrudgeReport, but it is no longer there, so to read it now it seems one must subscribe to The Wall Street Journal….so if not already a subscriber, then good luck to you.



June 29th, 2015

Ah, now I have a way to type that ain’t all that bad……yep, with a pencil in each hand, using their eraser ends to bang away on the keys, and by the eraser heads being made of a material that fools the keypad into thinking they’re human fingers, well, now I can type at least more’n one word a minute, plus move my cursor around without having to drop a pencil.



June 13th, 2015

It was really great to recently discover, or rather to realize that there is a very useful function of something I’ve been carrying around with me for all of my full three quarters, plus nearly two more years……specifically the assistance that the “arch” of my right foot provides to my heavily neuropathied left hand in picking up a bar of wet slippery soap dropped during my taking of a shower………until this discovery of the usefulness of my foot’s “arch”, I frequently spent way too much time grasping around with a barely functional hand at bars of slippery soap on the shower floor……usually with the very same hand that dropped it to start with.



May 31st, 2015

I know I’m now gonna be super slow at blogging, just don’t know if I’m gonna be so slow that I’ll quit about as soon as I start………….yeah, after being a “true typist”…. although of a slow sort…. for so many years, I am not at all sure this “one finger at a time punching of keys” is gonna last long at all…..but then my urges to jot down some of my many mental meanderings are so strong that I am compelled to give it a try, particularly since I do happen to have a lot of spare time on my hands….and especially since my blogging once did….and I am hoping it still will, provide me with valuable mental therapy….so now to see for how often and for how long I’ll be giving one of my fingers a real daily work-out.



April 10th, 2015

For the most part, this column says exactly what I’ve been thinking for quite a while.



April 9th, 2015

It is so, so, so sad that this column speaks the absolute truth about lies in today’s world.



March 24th, 2015

It is easily arguable that she has accomplished even less than Obama before he became president…..at the very least he out maneuvered her to become president……..and then there’s this column that to me makes an indisputable argument in showing up her complete lack of ever having done anything of any positive significance, yet, and unfortunately, her ability to maintain a high profile, mostly via her adoring liberal mainstream media, seems to be keeping her political potential quite high, most especially amongst the many liberals and lefties in this country.



February 18th, 2015

It never before even crossed my mind that someday “buttons” would be a daily challenge…….that I’d face a row of shirt buttons that would purely perplex me, not only by how hard it was gonna be for me to get them all stuck through their little holes, but how long a time it was gonna take me to do it, assuming that I could even do it at all……..this all because of my fingers now being so insensitive and tingly……..fortunately I can still manage to get most of my buttons buttoned, providing I plenty of time, but then only the ones that I can see, while those that I cannot see, such as the one next to a shirt’s top button (rarely wear tie but sure for me to button very top one would be impossible) that’s too far up under my chin for me to easily see, my dear wife does these hard-to-see buttoning jobs, as well as sticking my hearing aids into my ears, otherwise I’d likely have no ears left by now.



February 16th, 2015

Soon after my first chemo treatment, I noticed the tip of my fingers becoming a bit tingly and a little less sensitive in allowing me to identify an objects simply by touching it, but not bad enough so as to be a big bother to me…….and then slowly their tingly feeling increased while their sensitivity to touch decreased to where soon after my second chemo treatment, this condition has also spread down all my fingers to their first joint, thereby now definitely being a very big bother…….most especially when I’m trying to punch something out on this computer keyboard and the resulting far more than normal typing mistakes I now make I know to be due primarily to this particular “side effect” of my chemo treatments……yep, typing is now for me a bit of pain in my posterior as well as in my fingers.