January 20th, 2015

This column goes directly to the point of the dark downside of “diversity” as it is now being proclaimed and implemented in this country, which to me is the real “truth of the matter” and certainly the most enlightening of anything on this subject that I have read so far…….yeah, just below the over use of “guilt” to obtain ones goals is the overuse of “sympathy” to make one feel morally superior in doing, what to me is most often the wrong thing……”guilt” is certainly the leader in motivating others to go along, but “sympathy” is not far behind……and personally, I’m sure “sympathy” is more difficult to ignore……I mean really, there are so many in this world in such a sad, sad situation through no fault of their own, yet, dang it, one must summon up the gumption to realize that their sympathy for these “so many”, when it means giving, giving and giving, until it’ll be  all we have, will eventually mean we too will have nothing, so what then will we the owners of nothing be able give to these “so many”?……far better that we better control our sympathy by “holding back”, meaning unfortunately our not giving to the “so many” now for such short term effects, but working fast and hard toward some program to move these “so many” forward within their own enviroment to where the long term effects will likely mean the “so many” will then not need be given anything, either now or in the future……but this will indeed require some overcoming of our “sympathy” or in other words doing the very difficult thing now that was once called “hard love”…..something that much more often than not, eventually had positive results.



January 16th, 2015

Those too young to have lived in the 50′s & 60″s will find it very difficult to understand how many freedoms were available back then compared to what we have left today……and most of the many freedoms we’ve lost were due to “regulations”, regulations which came into being incrementally……from small ones being enforced at first slowly to eventually quite quickly……to large ones being enforced the same way……and then from a few large and small regulations being added each year, to where now it seems there’s no limit on the size or number of them being added each year.

But maybe, just maybe, a careful reading of this column, including watching its video, will help one to understand my own perplexity over the dangers of our extensive number of regulations and how they are extending into every corner of our lives, making our lives ever so much more difficult to carry on without in some way or another being a violator of one or more of these innumerable regulations.

OK, I must admit that with the changing times and circumstances, there have been some regulations added over the years that were beneficial to the overall populace, but certainly only a small percentage of them qualify for this distinction.

So some how, a way must be found to trim away a good percentage of  our current crop of regulations, or else we’ll certainly be regulated out of affluence if not our very existence.



January 15th, 2015

It is so rare that I can sincerely say something nice about my French friends, but for right now I am more’n happy to say it, “viva la France”…..first there were the recent large French demonstrations, and just now my reading about the French buying up of so many copies of the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo, well yeah, the French are, in my opinion, deserving of a “via la France” from me and I hope from many, many others as well.

Now, that having been said, there was a recent local demonstration planned in support of our police, a demonstration that I had fully planned to attend (making it the first and only time in my entire life for me of participating in a demonstration), but for reasons I’ll not go into, at almost the very last moment I decided not to go to it……..but then only several days later when I was able to finally find out the results of this demonstration, I was wishing all the more that I had gone……..yeah, soon’s I saw it had an estimated turn out of less than 200 folks, well, I was definitely extremely disappointed, in both myself and the locals living here all around me.




January 13th, 2015

At last, a column that has come right out and said what I’ve been saying for years………it is the pure fear of Islam that keeps so many from saying so little about the barbaric terrors of Islam……including saying nothing about the terrorist tactics and treatment of women as are so prominently outlined in the Koran, but also saying so little about the many Islamic terrorist actions of today……although, these very same “so many saying so little” are very often seen as quite anxious to jump onto any bandwagon to join in the playing and saying of anything negative about any religion other than Islam……yep, sure seems obvious to me…..pure fear is their guide.



January 7th, 2015

OK, so I have not been keeping up with the times, but soon I will be doing much better at being “with it”, as I remember many youths saying during my own youthful days……hey, for most of my adult life I have frowned upon any and everyone with a tattoo of any shape, size or fashion printed upon their skin, or “within their skin” would be more accurate…….but now?…..well, I have scheduled myself to get several, maybe even more, tattoos come this next Monday afternoon……..hey, what with so many folks of all ages, sizes and shapes having tattoos these days, then in order for me to be “with it”, I figure it’s way past time I got me some skin ink so as I can say that “at last I have joined the tattoo crowd”……..and so “tattooed” I plan to become this next Monday afternoon…….but then as of yet I have no idea what artistic, romantic or rebellious picture I will be getting imbedded into my skin……so far the best my online research has come up with, is that I’ll be getting more than one tattoo and that each of’em will likely look a lot like a small freckle……it seems they need to tattoo some spots on my body so as they’ll know exactly where to aim the high powered radiation beams they’re gonna shoot at me……which ain’t gonna keep me from proudly proclaiming to any and all I meet after next Monday, that this old codger has tattoos on his body and he will be more’n happy to show them…….oops, maybe I should wait and see for sure where these tattoos will be located before being so anxious to show them to anyone……hey, if I’m real lucky they’ll all be too dang small to see anyway……..or so I hope.



January 3rd, 2015

Gas prices have come way, way down and the value of stock market shares have gone way, way up………why?  Well, if ever there was a time when you could get completely different answers by first asking this of a liberal and then asking it of a conservative, this is it.  The liberal’s answer would likely be one word….”Obama”, or if a talkative liberal, they’d likely expand their answer into some gibberish about how big government spending brought it all about.  The conservative’s answer would likely be three words……”lower gas prices”, or if a talkative conservative, they’d expand their answer into something with some teeth in it, such as “lower gas prices” being the cause of nearly all things falling in their prices to result in far more folks buying far more stuff and therefore putting more folks back to work which in turn has been the leading cause of the improvement in our economy.

Ah, but then the fun begins, well, for conservatives anyhow…….yeah, when liberals start trying to explain how it’s been Obama and his crowd’s policies that have led to “lower gas prices” is when conservatives once again cannot help but howl with laughter……..hey, if ever something really good happened “in spite” of somebody rather than “because” of somebody, then the “lower gas prices” we now have is it……….but then again, I gotta suppose that in a round-about way, Obama is due some credit for our “lower gas prices”, but only in the sense that he and his crowd made it so difficult for our oil producers to be normally productive that they were forced to come up with new ways of finding, getting, and delivering us our oil……..and did they ever.



December 30th, 2014

If “the facts” are not now truly “obsolete”, as seems to be the point of this column, then it still seems to me that they are definitely and far too often simply ignored, especially by our MainStreamMedia whose top priority seems to be “headline grabbing and ratings”, regardless of what “the facts” might actually be, or even regardless of what the negative results are likely to be because it, the MSM, ignored “the facts”, facts usually readily available in today’s world to anyone willing to take only a few minutes to find them.




December 24th, 2014

Myself, I am thinking it is here already………well, when I say “thinking”, I’m meaning I think it is here already for many, many folks other than myself, because for myself I do not think it’s here, I know it’s here already……”it”?……well, “it” is the more and more mentioned “backlash” as a result of all these demonstrations against the police………and also against our grand jury system for determining if an indictment is justified…….any reasonable person, even one from far outer space, after reviewing all the evidence would I am sure have to agree the grand juries got it right……although in each case I’m sure most members of each grand jury did a lot of soul searching to come to the conclusion that they did, but in the end, they could not overlook all the facts as were revealed to them…….I’m sure they learned of far more facts than were known, are known or ever will be known by all those demonstrating, what with the main masses of them being in the “low information” category, well, except for perhaps several among them who really knew and/or now know the facts, but care far more about being in the limelight of a demonstration than proclaiming these facts to their fellow demonstrators……so let the “backlash” begin in earnest…….especially since in my opinion, it is long overdue.

By “long overdue”, I know for a fact, that for many years, 15 or more, many if not most folks such as the masses of these anti-police demonstrators, have been treated with kidd gloves when compared to most of those not within this category of demonstrators……..and treated so gently, even by myself, such as not firing a person within this category when really I should have, or such as so many in this category have so often snubbed some of our minor laws in our faces time after time……it was at or around 15 years ago that I was told by a policeman that they had all but quit informing folks in this category of their minor infractions of the law simply because there’d be such a ruckus created for them, the police, such as court appearances and mounds of paperwork, and then invariably the result being of no consequence to the minor law breaker while the policeman’s history would more’n likely end up with at least a small blemish on it……and so now this category of folks has escalated their “minor” infractions to a higher level, to where they are now often “not so minor” infractions anymore, yet they still think they should be treated for their “not so minor” infractions with the same kidd gloves as they’ve been treated with for so many years now……….and yes, those of us who have treated them with kidd gloves for all these years are partly responsible for the situation we now have on our hands………but I do not give a damn anymore……enough is enough……they get right with the program or I get really wrong with them….well, they will think I am “wrong” with them while I will think I am finally getting it right with them.



December 22nd, 2014

This man’s most recent article, blog or comments section…..not real sure what to call Neals Nuze anymore……… I found to be an interesting read, although I’m also sure I don’t really know just yet what I think of everything he had to say, but this much I do know……his last comment, or “sign off” line I did really, really like……yep, I liked it so much that I was compelled to copy and past it right here coming up……“More later.  The cleaning ladies are coming tomorrow … so I have to clean up for them.”



December 20th, 2014

This column, although one with which I fully agree and truly wish most folks the world over would also agree, has suddenly made me aware of what is quite probably now a personal problem of my own, even though it is not race related so I can only suppose it to be “old age” related……..in a nutshell what I’m trying to say is this…….I am suddenly very aware that I have become somewhat short-tempered and very impatient, along with having great difficulty when required to deal with either stupidity or ignorance……and in particular with what I perceive to be deliberate and/or irresponsible bad behavior, but of course here I am meaning only the dealing with someone even more stupid or ignorant than myself, cause otherwise I am quite satisfied with with just feeling a bit inferior……..however, regardless of my increased negative proclivities that I am attributing to “old age”, I am still convinced that today’s world really requires much more “patience” in nearly all areas than was required during nearly all of my younger years.

And so it is that I am reminded of my maternal grandfather who seldom said a word to anyone……way back then I thought it was only because of his poor hearing that he was such a non-communicator, but now I strongly suspect it was simply his way of knowing how to best “git along” in the world…..in other words, he made use of that very old, yet very simple, admonition of “keep your trap shut” in order that you can keep yourself sailing smoothly along with not nary a ripple in the water.