November 20th, 2014

It is with considerable sadness that I find myself fully agreeing with the author of this column………especially since I myself can easily remember the many more freedoms I had just 50 years ago than I have right now…….although most of the freedoms I’ve lost over the past 50 years might be considered minor by many, I must point out that each bite of a big tree by a beaver is minor, yet, those minor bites eventually lead to the end of a once beautiful big tree with its being laid out flat on the ground.

Although a long word…..and one I can barely pronounce…….it is a word that to me best describes how so many in our country have been able to take away so many of our freedoms and are continuing to take away even more of them…….simply put, via “incrementalization”………if only we would put a stop to this “incrementalization” before the tree is laying flat out on the ground, then there’d be some chance of the tree re-growing that area that the incrementalizing bites of the beavers took away from it.



November 17th, 2014

I’m thinking I may have recently taken an excerpt I really liked from a column on TownHall, something that I rarely do, yet here I am doing it again…….but dang it, this excerpt from the most recent column of Burt Prelutsky is simply too good for me to pass up……and then too, as he fully acknowledges, it is not even by him, but by some recently deceased host of a car show on PBS………so anyhow just below is the excerpt.


But there were times when Tom would expand his subject matter, as when he disclosed the secret of his successful marriage: “I know I’m always right, but it’s more important to be happy. So whenever my wife and I disagree, I tell her she’s right. As a result, she thinks I’m a big dummy, but she loves me anyway. So I’m happy.


I really do like the above excerpt, although unlike the car show host that said it, I myself am most certainly not always right……in fact, I am seldom right…..never-the-less, I still like what he said, most likely because I’m sure I fit his very last sentence.



November 15th, 2014

Having recently decided to sell my small (12 ft) kayak (actually more like a canoe), I also decided it would be best to move the kayak from its current storage location, our son and daughter-n-law’s garage, to the inside of my small (14.5 ft) v-bottom run-about boat stored in a nearby boat marina’s fenced-in lot, because after putting the kayak up for sale I do not want to take potential buyers to see it inside the garage of our son and his wife……and since I also plan to sell the v-bottom run-about boat, it seems to me that having them both right together should work out quite well for me the seller…………….so anyhow, after I’d relocated my kayak and then got back home, I told my wife I was having second thoughts about selling either one of’em, mainly because I’d got to thinking about how great it would be come next spring for me to jump into the v-bottom run-about with the kayak in it and go off boating on some large river or lake, to where I’d find some small stream or cove where I’d then throw the kayak out of the boat, plop myself into the kayak from which I could then do me some mighty fine flyrod flipping as I slowly fished the edges of, hopefully, an isolated and very quite small stream or way back cove……………but whoa, whoa and whoa, soon’s I saw the look on her face, well, I knew I’d done and done it…….yep, I’d done and done way more messing around with my wild imagination than I should have………for sure I’d put a “scare” on’er, one I was wishing mightily I could take back, especially since there’s no way in blue blazes that I’m really gonna do what I’d just told her I was thinking about doing……..nope, no way……..don’t want to and couldn’t even if I did want to………which is why I am right now trying to work out in my head the exact arrangement of my two “FOR SALE” signs.



November 15th, 2014

This column sorta says it all for me as to why so many Democrats are the way they are…….specifically they are far too “liberal” or “progressive” for my blood, unless that is I want my blood to always be boiling………now mind ya, I’m not saying I think “all” Democrats are truly so dang “liberal” or “progressive”, just that other than the many true elitists among them, there are so many others of them that have swallowed hook, line and sinker all that the many true elitists among them have told them………what a terrible shame this has been…..and I’m afraid will continue to be……for our country.



November 13th, 2014

Here’s a column by one of my favorite columnists, although I do have my own thought, a different one, about this particular column…….meaning I agree with it in that maybe Obama has been a good thing for the Republican party, while at the same time I definitely do not think he has been a good thing for our country.



November 9th, 2014

Although certainly not his best column, this is still a pretty good column by its author, who BTW has become one of my favorite columnists because most of his columns are much better than this one……..yet, this one too makes a very powerful point in that those who don’t vote fall into two categories……first, there are those that are simply too ignorant,  complacent or lazy to vote, and so, in my opinion, if they could easily, quickly and definitively be identified, then they should not even be allowed to vote…….second, there have been, are and always will be, those who sometimes vote, but when they have no one they want to vote for, they simply acquiesce to whatever the outcome of an election might be, which in actuality means they are more than willing to accept whatever that outcome happens to be……it is this latter group of “sometimes voters” that I am more’n willing to tolerate, since they are likely know at least a bit about what’s going on politically and in their own way actually help to determine an election’s outcome.



November 8th, 2014

In this column the author has expressed many of my own sentiments…..I mean on the one hand, I am deliriously happy about our recent elections that deposed so many Democrats while elevating so many Republicans, yet, on the other hand, just as in the referenced column, I am very apprenhesive about our current crop of Republican leaders being prepared to advance meaningful conservative legislation relative to energy, jobs, education, the EPA and approval of judicial appointments, along with plenty of other areas of our federal government that are in dire need of some significant conservative adjustments.  OK, OK, so Republicans still have not been handed the helm of the ship, but by dang it, they are now in control of the engine room and are the majority down in the bilges, so sure seems they oughta be able to  pretty much determine the way the ship goes or the way it does not go……it’ll be their leadership that will soon be demonstrated for all to see……… it is that so many conservatives are now hoping most us conservatives will soon be seeing something that will allow us to continue rejoicing for a long, long time over the results of our most recent elections.



October 29th, 2014

Rarely have I seen such stupidity demonstrated by our federal government………in fact, lemme change “rarely” to “never”……how the heck can citizens of this country be more safe from Ebola by putting military personnel coming back from Africa under a 21 day quarantine while not doing the same for civilian volunteers returning from Africa?  Ah, but I suppose our dear government knows something I don’t know, such as maybe Ebola actually being so selective of its victims as to leave our military personnel alone while viciously attacking civilian volunteers?…………but really, after reading this article, how can I possibly be wrong about this unbelievable governmental stupidity?



October 25th, 2014

I have no specific reference for my opinion that I’m about to state herein…..but my own reading of stories, columns and articles on the subject, even though less than extensive, has convinced me that this country has greatly expanded its oil production, resulting in a significant decrease of dependency on Arab oil, certainly not because of, but in spite of, our federal government….something that has also led to a noticeable reduction of gas prices at the pump…..and again, not because of our federal government, but in spite of it……which causes me to wonder how great our oil production would be if only our federal government would at least get out of the way, thereby more’n likely making us “oil independent” of the Arab world and allowing me to eat a steak instead of baloney once in a while.



October 21st, 2014

Oh what a pity that most folks either don’t or won’t agree with this column……..oh well, I wholeheartedly agree with it and I am of the opinion that so long as so many of us hang our heads, in apparent sympathy, when we hear the “pity people” making their claims of victimhood, well, the number of these “pity people” is gonna keep on growing…….yeah, so either we turn “hard hearted” and simply let the “pity people” cry their eyeballs out or else we continue to simply hang our heads down while they get the special treatment that they want……….me?……..well, I am one very, very insensitive person except in those few cases where I am able to determine some genuine sympathy is due and well deserved.