March 24th, 2015

It is easily arguable that she has accomplished even less than Obama before he became president…..at the very least he out maneuvered her to become president……..and then there’s this column that to me makes an indisputable argument in showing up her complete lack of ever having done anything of any positive significance, yet, and unfortunately, her ability to maintain a high profile, mostly via her adoring liberal mainstream media, seems to be keeping her political potential quite high, most especially amongst the many liberals and lefties in this country.



February 18th, 2015

It never before even crossed my mind that someday “buttons” would be a daily challenge…….that I’d face a row of shirt buttons that would purely perplex me, not only by how hard it was gonna be for me to get them all stuck through their little holes, but how long a time it was gonna take me to do it, assuming that I could even do it at all……..this all because of my fingers now being so insensitive and tingly……..fortunately I can still manage to get most of my buttons buttoned, providing I plenty of time, but then only the ones that I can see, while those that I cannot see, such as the one next to a shirt’s top button (rarely wear tie but sure for me to button very top one would be impossible) that’s too far up under my chin for me to easily see, my dear wife does these hard-to-see buttoning jobs, as well as sticking my hearing aids into my ears, otherwise I’d likely have no ears left by now.



February 16th, 2015

Soon after my first chemo treatment, I noticed the tip of my fingers becoming a bit tingly and a little less sensitive in allowing me to identify an objects simply by touching it, but not bad enough so as to be a big bother to me…….and then slowly their tingly feeling increased while their sensitivity to touch decreased to where soon after my second chemo treatment, this condition has also spread down all my fingers to their first joint, thereby now definitely being a very big bother…….most especially when I’m trying to punch something out on this computer keyboard and the resulting far more than normal typing mistakes I now make I know to be due primarily to this particular “side effect” of my chemo treatments……yep, typing is now for me a bit of pain in my posterior as well as in my fingers.



February 15th, 2015

Ah, what a relief it is to not have to shave every morning……OK, OK,   so for the past several years, until recently anyhow, I’d usually shave only every other morning……..but beginning a week or so ago, what with what the chemo treatments had done to me, well, I could go more’n two days without shaving and my face would still stay smooth as a baby’s bottom…….yeah, my question though is this…….just how many days can I go without needing to shave, or will my face continue to stay smooth as a baby’s bottom for months and months?……….indefinitely?……or just until soon after I’ve taken my last chemo treatment?  I mean this is vital information in order for me to be sure not to suddenly run out of razor blades whenever this “vacation from shaving” comes to an end.



February 14th, 2015

What do most people usually talk about the most?  Seems to me it’s whatever at the that moment happens to be the heaviest weight upon their minds, be it their family, their job, their work, their profession, their hobby, their politics, or be it their religion….or lack thereof……or, in particular be they a senior citizen, then be it their medical condition.

In the course of my own life, at one time or another, what I most talked about might have been any one of those subjects, but now though, by me being a senior citizen, I am most ready to talk about the last one mentioned, meaning my own medical condition.

So here I go…..several months ago I was told I have lung cancer……and so it is that this is now what I am most interested in talking about……….therefore and henceforth, much of my talking will be about this medical condition and/or its associated effects upon my daily living.



February 8th, 2015

Sometimes a column hits the nail, my nail anyhow, so squarely on the head, so smack-ka-dab right flat on top of it, that I am a bit blown away by reading the column and then realizing that I am not alone in thinking almost identical thoughts.  Such was the case soon’s I read this column.



February 7th, 2015

This column makes mighty good sense to me…….or in other words, I agree with it completely, although I would add a few stipulations to how we go about using our known hydrocarbon energy supply.



January 20th, 2015

This column goes directly to the point of the dark downside of “diversity” as it is now being proclaimed and implemented in this country, which to me is the real “truth of the matter” and certainly the most enlightening of anything on this subject that I have read so far…….yeah, just below the over use of “guilt” to obtain ones goals is the overuse of “sympathy” to make one feel morally superior in doing, what to me is most often the wrong thing……”guilt” is certainly the leader in motivating others to go along, but “sympathy” is not far behind……and personally, I’m sure “sympathy” is more difficult to ignore……I mean really, there are so many in this world in such a sad, sad situation through no fault of their own, yet, dang it, one must summon up the gumption to realize that their sympathy for these “so many”, when it means giving, giving and giving, until it’ll be  all we have, will eventually mean we too will have nothing, so what then will we the owners of nothing be able give to these “so many”?……far better that we better control our sympathy by “holding back”, meaning unfortunately our not giving to the “so many” now for such short term effects, but working fast and hard toward some program to move these “so many” forward within their own enviroment to where the long term effects will likely mean the “so many” will then not need be given anything, either now or in the future……but this will indeed require some overcoming of our “sympathy” or in other words doing the very difficult thing now that was once called “hard love”…..something that much more often than not, eventually had positive results.



January 16th, 2015

Those too young to have lived in the 50’s & 60″s will find it very difficult to understand how many freedoms were available back then compared to what we have left today……and most of the many freedoms we’ve lost were due to “regulations”, regulations which came into being incrementally……from small ones being enforced at first slowly to eventually quite quickly……to large ones being enforced the same way……and then from a few large and small regulations being added each year, to where now it seems there’s no limit on the size or number of them being added each year.

But maybe, just maybe, a careful reading of this column, including watching its video, will help one to understand my own perplexity over the dangers of our extensive number of regulations and how they are extending into every corner of our lives, making our lives ever so much more difficult to carry on without in some way or another being a violator of one or more of these innumerable regulations.

OK, I must admit that with the changing times and circumstances, there have been some regulations added over the years that were beneficial to the overall populace, but certainly only a small percentage of them qualify for this distinction.

So some how, a way must be found to trim away a good percentage of  our current crop of regulations, or else we’ll certainly be regulated out of affluence if not our very existence.



January 15th, 2015

It is so rare that I can sincerely say something nice about my French friends, but for right now I am more’n happy to say it, “viva la France”…..first there were the recent large French demonstrations, and just now my reading about the French buying up of so many copies of the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo, well yeah, the French are, in my opinion, deserving of a “via la France” from me and I hope from many, many others as well.

Now, that having been said, there was a recent local demonstration planned in support of our police, a demonstration that I had fully planned to attend (making it the first and only time in my entire life for me of participating in a demonstration), but for reasons I’ll not go into, at almost the very last moment I decided not to go to it……..but then only several days later when I was able to finally find out the results of this demonstration, I was wishing all the more that I had gone……..yeah, soon’s I saw it had an estimated turn out of less than 200 folks, well, I was definitely extremely disappointed, in both myself and the locals living here all around me.